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DeclaraciĆ³n sobre un barco hundido

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Current Page Transcription [history]

01 ma t[o]t[ecuiy]o dios mizmotlaçomuchicavilia tutlaço

01 May our lord God strengthen you, our dear

02 mavizseñor visitador liçençiado al[ca]l[d]e ma

02 and honored lord inspector licenciado alcalde mayor

03 yor chiapa ma t[o]t[ecuiy]o dios mizmaca s[an]ta graçia

03 of Chiapas. Let our lord God give you holy grace

04 muchipa xiuitl yca muchiva moofiçio y ypa[n]

04 forever to perform your function on behalf of

05 dios yvan tutatucauh rey y por su mag[es]t[ad]

05 God and our ruler the king and by his majesty.

06 yzcatqui tutatul ticmocaquiltiz ytechcu

06 Here are our words, you will hear them, concerning

07 pa espanyol Ju[an] pasdor umiqui yhtic at

07 a Spaniard, Juan Pastor, who died in the water

08 ypan ylvit noestra señora s[an]ta ma[ri]a nati

08 on the day of Our Lady Saint Mary of

09 vidad ypan viernestica vei ylvit nene

09 Nativity, on Friday, great holiday,

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Current Page Discussion [history]

"Por su majestad" in line 05 may stand for "appointed by his majesty." I'm not sure if this refers to the alcalde mayor as appointed by the king or it was just used as a kind of prestigious title. It is preceded by y, which can be either the Spanish "and" or the Nahuatl subordinator in.