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Peticiones al rey de los pueblos de indios

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Current Page Transcription [history]

01 Totlacoh mahuiz tlatocauh


02 Tehuantin timacehualtin nican tichani? huehuetenanco mamepan

02 We are commoners here householders of Huehuetancno ?? (Mam people?)

03 motenehua totlal totlah cenca ticontenamiqui momatzin

03 It is mentioned, our land, our words, greatly we kiss your hand,

04 mocxitzin ca timomacehualhuan nican tlalticpac tinemiqui

04 your feet, because we are your vassals here on earth. We come to live here

05 ytic tolcalpul otitocentlalihque otitononozque tlahtoque

05 inside our calpul we gathered, we summoned ourselves, the rulers

06 pipiltin yhuan topilhuan ynipampa oticaquique nican

06 the noble people and our lords because this is what we heard

07 quitztiquiça ce cristiano ytoca Hernando de Sancta Ella

07 that he left quickly, one Spaniard, his name Hernando de Sancta Ella

08 yuhqui totlatzin ticmatique ynipampa techpalehui

08 thus our uncle? [who] we knew because he helped us

09 mochipa ynicuac aqui techtoliny ahuin yuhqui

09 always when someone tortures us therefore that person

10 choloa yahui quichihua presidente yhuan oydores

10 he flees, he goes. They do it, the president and oydores

11 cuahtemalan cenca titonetiquichipachoa ynipampa

11 of Guatemala. Greatly we are afflicted, because

12 ytepalehuiliz totechcopa matopampa tlacatlatoany

12 of his helping people, we wish him to help us, this great lord,

13 xicmocaquiti ytlatol topampa yhuan xotectipale -

13 Listen to his words with respect to us and help us

14 hui yuhqui titlacoti ticmatique mochipa tech

14 as we are slaves. We knew always

15 tlayohui aqui Justicias amo huel melahuac quitlaca

15 he [?] has irritated us the judges, not really true to be obedient to

16 mati motlatol ca yxquich totlatzitzihuan

16 your words because all our fathers

17 padresme techpalehui techtlaçohtla yuhqui matech

17 the fathers help us love us just govern us

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Current Page Discussion [history]

This translation was done by the Yale Nahuatl beginner's class under the guidance of John Sullivan, August 2015. Tlazcamati tlamachtianih huan momachtianih.

Line 02, "mamepan", for "mam(eh)pan," Mam people of Huehuetenango?

Line 06, "oticaquique", for "cacque", Class 2 verbs not reducing but acting as if Class 1

Line 08, "totlatzin" our uncle (totlayi), as our friend/brother (totlahtzin), hypercorrection for father (tahtli). Cf to Line 16 "totlatzitzihuan" our fathers.

Line 11, "titonetiquichipachoa", note the "ne", not a native speaker?

Lines 15-16, unsure about translation here.