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Imputación de bigamia contra Gaspar Pérez

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Current Page Transcription [history]

01 √ Yn axcan yc çempohuali ypan chicome tonal ytlapoual

01 Here today on the twenty-seventh day of the month of

02 mes de novienbre yn ipan año de mil E quios y ochē[-]

02 November in the year 1589, our beloved father and

03 ta y nueue años tehuantin dō andres de vitoria gor

03 prelate, friar Diego Martín summoned us, the governor

04 no yuan alldes hordinarios melchior Ruyz dio helias

04 don Andrés de Victoria, as well as Melchor Ruiz and

05 yn ipanpa tto Rey de su magtt nicā otechmonochili

05 Diego Elías, judges for his magesty, our lord the king,

06 Totlaçotatzin pe guardian fray dio mīn ytechcopa

06 concerning a person named Caspar, native of

07 çe tlacatl ytoca caspar quamimilolan ychan nicā

07 Quauhmimilollan and married here in Almoloncan. In

08 namique almoloncā ynic niman totech oquimo[-]

08 relation to this, he then left us the task of putting

09 [?]iquili yn ica tictlaliz͞q teylpiloyan yn cas[-]

09 Caspar in jail. He was immediately locked up here in the

10 par nimā omotzauc omotlali teylpiloyan ni[-]

10 Mexico-barrio jail after a Spaniard, named Juan

11 cā mexicapā no yuā çānoc tlatoltica oquimono[-]

11 Rodríguez spoke to the prelate. He brought notice from

12 nochili pe guardian çe Español ytoca juo Rudri͞qs

12 Miyahualco that we, the governor and judges here in

13 yeuatl oquiualhuicac tlatoli ompa miyaualco

13 Almoloncan, should order witnesses to appear before us

14 ynic teuantin gor alldes nicā almoloncā titla[-]

14 and give testimony so that the truth about the marriage

15 nauatiya ma neçiz tixpā tos ͞y tlatolmelauaz[-]

15 of Caspar, native of Quauhmimilollan, will be known.

16 ͞q yn ica momatiz ymelauaca yn ica nami͞q

16 For this reason we place our names and signatures on

17 caspar quamimilolā chane ynic nicā tictla[-]

17 our ruling.

18 lia totoca tofirma ypā tonauatil teuantin

18 We are

19 allde allde

20 melchior Ruyz don Andres te BitoriA dio helias

20 Melchor Ruiz, judge; don Andrés, governor; Diego Elías, judge.

21 governador

22 nixpā neuatl notoca miguel de sta ma

22 (Done) before me, the

23 escriuano cabildo

23 council notary, (my name is) Miguel de Santa María.

24 yc chicuaçē tonal ytlapohual mes deçiembre

24 On the sixth day of the month of December in the year

25 año de ochenta y nueue años nican oualmouicac

25 [15]89, the judge Melchor Ruiz convened here and at

26 allde melchior Ruyz niman yxpā oquiquetz çe tlacatl

26 that time caused a man named Sebastián Fabián to

27 ytoca sebastian fabian testigo mochiua ytechcopa cas[-]

27 appear as a witness in the case of Caspar Perez. He then

28 par pz no yuan nimā oquitenamiquilti cruz+ yn i[-]

28 had him kiss the cross that is on the judge's staff. He

29 tech onca uara de Justa no yuan quinauati ma uel

29 also ordered him to declare with absolute truth

30 melauac mochi quitoz quinextiz yn ica nami͞q

30 concerning the marriage of Caspar Perez there in his

31 ompa ychan caspar pz no yuā ye quezqui xiuitl

31 hometown, as well has how many years it has been since

32 ompa oquitac ͞ytla melauac mochi quinextiz ca tto

32 he saw him there. If he declares everything truthfully,

33 dios quimopaleuiliz Auh yn tlacamo ca uel neli quimo[-]

33 our lord god will favor him; but it not, he will most

34 tlatzacuiltiliz oquito yn ica otlanāquili ca yuh mo (sic.)

34 surely be punished, (the judge) said. And he answered,

35 mochiuaz

35 "It will be so."

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